To access timeline from 450 to 1066:
In the box at top right, enter a year (450 for the beginnings) or a range of years (871-899 for King Alfred the Great), and press "search". Not every year has an entry, so if you're looking for something in a given year and can't find it, try a range instead.

Dates for some famous names:
450-550: Legendary foundation of the English kingdoms (Hengest, Cerdic, and others)
597-627: Conversion to Christianity (from Augustine in Kent to the sparrow in Northumbria)
757-796: King Offa of Mercia (overlord of most of the southern English kingdoms)
871-899: King Alfred the Great (only English king left after the Viking attacks)
937: Battle of Brunanburh
978-1016: King Æthelred the Unready (now the only English king; defeated by the Vikings)
1066: Battle of Hastings (end of the line)